How Many Bad Clients
Do You Have To Kiss Before
You Find Your Perfect One?

Kissing Your Frog Prince

As a business owner — often facing a stack of bills that need to be paid — you probably are grateful for every paying client that comes along.

But do you ever find yourself complaining to whomever will listen to you about how awful certain clients are to work with?

On the other hand, have you ever heard yourself saying, “Gee, I wish all my clients were exactly like her” when thinking of the client you enjoy working with the most?

Have you ever stopped to consider what it is costing you in time, energy and income to have clients that are not perfect for you?

  • Do you find yourself spending 80% of your time and energy trying to please clients or customers that will never be pleased?
  • Do you accept — or hang on to — clients or customers that are a real pain in the %&$ because you figure, “some clients are better than no clients”
  • Do you accept — or hang on to — clients or customers┬ábecause if you lose this client or customer you have no idea how you will replace them or the income they generate?

What if ALL of your clients or customers were just right for you?

  • Your services or products are a perfect match for their needs
  • It is fun and fulfilling — for both of you — to work with them
  • They are happy to pay you what you are worth
  • It is a joy for them to refer others to you

It IS possible to have clients just like that — ALL THE TIME!

On Valentines Day — Tuesday, February 14, 2012 — you can kiss your last lousy client goodbye!

Please join Marty when he hosts Shirley Norwood, Certified Client Attraction Coach, for a complimentary teleclass to learn how having an Attraction Plan means you never have to work with a lousy, no-fun, demanding, miserable client again.

During this teleclass, you will hear real life examples of how an Attraction Plan works and leave the class with your own “actionable” items that you can begin to use immediately to attract more of your perfect clients. (You see, a perfect client is one that is perfect for YOU!)

Please register below for the class — even though the class itself is free — so you’ll be sure to get the action notes that Shirley will be giving you to help you get the absolute most benefit from this class.

Here’s the coolest benefit of all when you are 100% certain about who your perfect clients are: they start to show up almost by magic as soon as you decide.

Register for the Teleclass…

Date: Tues., February 14, 2012
Time: 11:00 am Eastern (New York) Time (adjust for your own time zone)
Investment: An hour of your time
The Payoff: Priceless!

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